Velcome to Kyrkjeneset

Sunset at Kyrkjeneset Camping
Sunset at Kyrkjeneset Camping
Camping overview
Camping overview

The opening season at Kyrkjeneset Camping is from 1 May to 30 September.

Upon your arrival please call +47 909 50 220 to book a place. Then drive to your allocated space. You can prepay using the Norwegian paying system VIPPS (603650), or pay by Visa- or creditcard.

The rental period is valid until 12:00 on the day of departure.

You will find our prices here.


Lene Winther Larsen - +47 909 50 220 - 

Here you can stay with a Camper Van, Caravan or Tent. We also have cabins for rent.


We offer beautiful "drop in" spaces for Camper Vans, maybe the best along the lake "Nisser". 

Get in touch to check about availabilities.

Tel. +47 90 95 02 20 /



We offer beautiful "drop in" spaces for Caravans, maybe the best along the lake "Nisser".

Get in touch to check about availabilities.

Tel. +47 90 95 02 20 /


We offer camping for the whole summer season for caravans and "year-round tent" (not made of wood.)  

Get in touch to check about availabilities.

Tel. +47 90 95 02 20 /  


We have to cabins with 4 beds each for rent. The cabins have a living room including a kitchen corner, and a bedroom including 2 bunk beds. The cabins have electricity, but no water or toilets. The service facilities are close to the cabins, containing toilets, showers, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and handicap toilet including shower. 

Get in touch to check about availabilities.

Tel. +47 90 95 02 20 /  



1.1 Upon arrival, contact the landlord for allocation of space, duration of stay and price.

1.2 Upon departure, the space must be left tidy and ready for a new tenant. Departure no later than 12:00.


2.1 Show consideration for other guests and the campsite's neighbors.

2.2 There should be peace at the campsite between 23.00 and 08.00

2.3 In the allocated space, the tenant shall ensure order and cleanliness.

2.4 Our facilities, incuding our service- and sanitary facilities, shall be kept clean and tidy.

2.5 Waste is placed in waste bags and sorted at the service building. (Normal household waste only.)

2.6 Pets must be on a leash and must not be a nuisance to others. Always bring a bag for excrements when walking your dog.

2.7 Avoid unnecessary driving at the campsite. All driving must take place at walking speed. Visiting cars can/should be parked in separate guest parking along the road down to the campsite.


3.1 Public requirements and regulations take precedence over these rules.

3.2 At least 3 meters distance between the carriages/tents and other combustible material is required. This also applies to other facilities such as terraces, and other equipment that are covered by the provisions pursuant of the legal authorities. Cars that are not for overnight stays can be left within these 3 meters.

3.3 Supply cable shall be a minimum of 2 x 2.5 mm2 + ground, and full wire without plug/joint from post to intake in camper van / caravan.

3.4 Only a gas stove shall be used in tents. Electric heating is not allowed.

3.5 The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the electrical system in the camper van / caravan is in proper condition.

3.6 Approved fire extinguishing equipment and smoke detectors must be in camper vans / caravans.

4 - Applies to permanent campers


5.1 Boat cannot be stored on the beach without an approved prior agreement.

5.2 If you need a dock site, check out public offers for this.

5.3 Boat storage at the campsite must be pre-approved by the landlord.


6.1 Kyrkjeneset Camping is not responsible for theft or damage to guests' belongings