There are three hikes having the same starting point - Folkestien. Folkestien starts at Nissedal Church, where you see signs and "blue marks". After 1.5 km, you can choose wether to follow the signs to Lauvdalsfjellet*, or continue on Folkestien. Here the trail flattens out, before it is getting hilly until km 2.4.  At this point you can again leave Folkestien and follow the signs for Lauvdalsfjellet. At km. 3 there is a sign for Torgrimsfjell, the same direction and path as Folkestien.

From Torgrimsfjell (at km 3,5), the Folkestien trail continues downhill. From km 4 it is currently poorly marked - keep right at red plow stick, follow the tractor path. The path follows along the road to Kyrkjebygdheia, before another turn to the right leads you back to the Nissedal Church. The total trip is approx. 5.8 kilometers.

* The hike to Lauvdalsfjell is steep - approx. 400 meters in altitude. From the campsite and up to Lauvdalsfjell it is 2.9 kilometers, of which the last 1.4 kilometers are a solid climb! 1.8 kilometers after the summit, the trail marks also disappear (pr. July 2023). Follow the tractor path "straight ahead" - then you will come to the road that leads to Kyrkjebygheia. You follow it back to the campsite. The hike is approx. 8.8 km.

Around Kyrkjeneset

There is a little playground. The beach is also very child friendly.

In the surrounding area within a 2-3 minutes walk, you will find a 24/7 grocery store, as well as petrol pumps. In this direction you will also find a varied range of activities for children and adults. There is a football field, a "ballbinge", skate park, beach volleyball field and now also a brand new outdoor fitness and activity park.

Kyrkjeneset camping is also a great starting point for Nissedal municipality's many excursions. Nature is an attraction in itself with opportunities for a lot of activities from rock climbing, summit tours and trail biking to museums or visits to the local blacksmith or farmer. Kyrkjeneset camping is an excellent place to relax, play and have fun.

And not to forget... The sunsets can be spectacular! 

So why not just sit and relax, and watch the sunset on the beach... 

Nissedal and surrounding areas

"Jettegrytene" in Nissedal, this incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon can be found in the south of the municipality, by the small village of Eikhom, one mile from Telemarksvegen. It takes 54 minutes by car from Kyrkjeneset. 

The picture is from / Photo: Simona von Tunen

From Hægefjell (1021 meters above sea level)
From Hægefjell (1021 meters above sea level)

Nissedal and the areas around the municipality have a number of fantastic natural monuments in magnificent scenery. In the close area around Kyrkjeneset you can reach several nice peaks and within a few minutes by car you can reach even more magical viewpoints. Check out the pages of Visit Telemark. 

Fjoneferga (The Fjone Ferry) -  Norway's smallest cabel ferry with capacity for only 3 cars
Fjoneferga (The Fjone Ferry) - Norway's smallest cabel ferry with capacity for only 3 cars

"Fjoneferja" (The Fjone Ferry)  in Nissedal, MF Nisser, takes you across Fjonesundet, between Fjone and Framnes, a 500m wide strait in Lake Nisser.

"Fjonesundet Ferry Cafe"  is located at the ferry quay. A café with space outside and inside, with great views of Nisser and the nice beach.  

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M/S Fram
M/S Fram

M/S Fram is an old boat from 1909, sailing on the beautiful lakes Nisser and Vråvatn. The boat is located at Straand Hotel's pier in Vrådal.

In the period of May to October, you can join a two-hour cruise in the beautiful inland archipelago and around idyllic small islands.

Sykling i Nissedal
Sykling i Nissedal

Large areas of rocks and 100 kilometers of bike paths in the mountains, make Nissedal a perfect place for mountain bikers. You can also experience the historic railway line between Åmli and Treungen from 1913 - "Treungbanen" - on two wheels.

It is also possible to cycle around Lake Nisser, all of it, or parts of it. The tours can be anything from 10 to 50 km long.

The picture is from / Foto: Per Kveim

Naturaktiviteter i Nissedal (Bildet er fra Rindefjell mot Kyrkjeneset)
Naturaktiviteter i Nissedal (Bildet er fra Rindefjell mot Kyrkjeneset)

Beautiful Nissedal, where towering mountain peaks grow out of the water, and where there are more hiking trails than people, is a fantastic place to enjoy the western part of Telemark's unique nature. On foot, with a fishing rod and canoe, or perhaps preferably on a trail bike. A diversity of activities for young and old are awaiting you here.